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Child Care, Designed to Fit Your Life.


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It's time for child care to get flexible. Brella is a new model that responds to your family's dynamic care needs.


Flexible Scheduling - Reservable by the Hour

No Long-Term Contracts or Minimums

Book in Advance or Drop-in 

Open Early, Late, and on Weekends

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Enriching Child Care.
Now, On Demand.


  • Ages 3 months - 6 years

  • Age-Appropriate Classrooms & Caregiver-Child Ratios

  • Experienced and Credentialed Staff

Enriching Curriculum

  • Development-Focused Activities

  • Designed to Engage a Child for One Hour or the Whole Day

  • Informed by Early Childhood Experts

Full Service Care

  • Snack and Lunch Options

  • Designated Nap Rooms

  • Diaper Changing & Feeding

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Coordinated Services.
Designed For Productivity and Peace of Mind.



  • Private Workstations in a Co-Working Environment, Priced by the Hour

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Phone Booths

  • WiFi


  • Curated Wellness Classes (Including Yoga, Meditation, and Parenting Classes)

  • Complementary Coffee & Tea and Meals for Purchase

  • Nursing Room

  • Community Programming


Parents may leave the premises while children are under Brella's care
 or stay and enjoy on-site amenities.

Coming Soon to Los Angeles.

About Us


We are two moms, with 5 kids between us.

As working parents (an architect and a marketer), we know how hard it is to find quality child care that aligns with your professional and personal lives (hello 7pm conference call, goodbye 7am yoga class).

The reality is, parenthood has transformed radically in the last 50 years:

  • There are more 2-working-parent families than ever before.
  • There are more mobile working parents and parents who work non-traditional hours than ever before.
  • There is more focus on work/life integration than ever before.

And yet child care services have hardly evolved:

  • Typical child care center hours do not align with the modern work day and non-traditional working hours.
  • Long-term commitments clash with the variability of modern child care needs.
  • Child care remains physically siloed, despite known benefits of work-site care.

So we decided to create a new model of care that is more compatible with contemporary life. Flexible scheduling and extended hours, drop-in access, an enrichment-based curriculum, pay-for-what-you-need pricing, and onsite work and wellness amenities for parents are some of the features that make Brella a child care solution suited to the dynamic needs of today's families. 

Brella was inspired by our own experiences, but it has been designed to serve all families - whether comprised of working, mobile, or stay-at-home parents - because children deserve quality care and parents deserve to feel supported. 

Darien & Melanie, Co-founders

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